Our Novex Explorer microscope is the entry level stereo microscope for hobbyists, children and lower education. This light weight, cost effective, microscope enables users to see any object from stamp to ant in bright crisp image quality.
Due to its small size and weight the Novex explorer is ideal to take into the field. The LED's produce little heat, making them safe for live specimen and fingers of users. The ideal product as a first serious step into microscopy.

The Novex Explorer is supplied with the following specification:-
  • 20 x magnification
  • Pair of WF10x /16mm eyepieces
  • Stereo objective 2x (fixed)
  • Ergonomic carrying handle
  • Incident LED illumination
  • Runs on batteries, (2x AA), included
  • 2 year warranty
  • Supplied in Styrofoam case with eye cups and dustcover.

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Industrial Microscopes

Euromex D-Series Microscopes
Euromex industrial microscopes are used in a wide range of industrial applications as they provide high precision & accurate results.

Metascientific.com, as the leading UK distributor for Euromex microscopes, can supply a wide range of microscopes for inspection of printed circuit boards (PCB) and quality control purposes as well as for clinical use at Veterinary clinics, surgeons and referral centres.

Stereo Zoom Microscopes (6x-45x Magnification)

Euromex EZ-Series Microscopes
The stereo zoom microscope is often used to study the surfaces of solid specimens or to carry out close work such as dissection, microsurgery, watch-making, circuit board manufacture or inspection, and fracture surfaces as in fractography and forensic engineering.

Due to its high contrast and wide field of view, stereo microscopes are perfectly suitable for this type of use. The E- and Z-series microscopes from Euromex are used for research and quality control due to their brilliant optical performance.

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Binocular Microscopes (40x-1000x Magnification)

Euromex FG-Series Microscopes
Unlike the stereo microscope, the compound, or binocular, microscope has two systems of lenses for greater magnification, the ocular, or eyepiece lens that one looks into and the objective lens, or the lens closest to the object.

These microscopes are ideal for applications needing true depth perception such as the inspection of metallic finishes, Binocular microscopes such as the Euromex F & G Series bright field biological microscopes are routine and research microscopes for use in science and biological, medical and industrial laboratories.

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Microscopes for Schools and Colleges

For education needs at Universities, 6th form Colleges, Colleges and Schools, we have microscopes from basic Student models such as the Novex MA Macroscope through to the superb Euromex Oxion range.

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Microscopes for Amateurs and Hobbyists

Novex Junior 81500 Microscope
For amateur biologists and hobbyists in general, Novex provide robust, affordable microscopes with excellent optical and mechanical construction.

What better way to get someone interested in microscopy than showing them a human hair or the life to be found in pond water when placed on a slide and covered with a cover-glass?

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Microscopes for Specialist Applications

Metallurgical. Polarisation and Asbestos Research Microscopes

Novex BBS Phase Contrast Microscope

Our Novex BBS Phase Contrast Microscope is specifically designed for the analysis of asbestos fibres.

Metallurgical microscopes are used for research of metal and plastic surfaces, also using polarized illumination.

Polarisation microscopes are used for mineralogy, petrography and crystallography. They are also suitable for orthoscopic and conoscopic research, research of polymers and research of other transparent materials with a double refractive index.

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Novex BBS Phase Binocular Microscope


This highly modified B-Series microscope is a positive phase contrast microscope with 10X Brightfield and 40X Phase objectives, Walton & Beckett reticle Type-22G and, optionally, a stage micrometer with 0.01mm divisions.


  • One 12.5x eyepiece, one focusing 12.5x eyepiece (Rubber shields optional)
  • Walton & Beckett type 22 reticule
  • 40x 0.65NA phase objective
  • 10x phase or 4x objective (optional) for low magnification filter scan
  • Slider Phase Abbe condenser with centring iris
  • X-Y transfer controls below mechanical stage
  • Kohler-type illumination
  • Field iris
  • Telescope for centring the phase system
  • Green filter
  • Robust aluminium, foam-lined carrying case
Note: This microscope is not directly available from Euromex

Microscope Servicing and Repair

Metascientific.com work in conjunction with L.J. Smith & Son  who have been in business for over 40 years. They are CLEAPSS  listed and their work is of a high standard and comes highly recommended. Prior to technical servicing, Mr. L.J. Smith worked as an apprentice, manufacturing optical lenses; in total he has over 60 years working in the optical business.

L.J. Smith & Son  currently service microscopes of all makes for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Industries, Veterinary Establishments and Hospitals. As well as servicing they now work with Metascientific.com selling new or re-conditioned instruments.
they can also supply sub-stage illuminators, bulbs for all types of illuminator, together with colour video camera systems and monitors as required at highly competitive prices.

L J Smith & Son  will be pleased to supply a free quotation to service and repair your microscopes if you would care to contact us.
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